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Floating Brush Aerators

MAK Water is the exclusive representative in Oceania for leading US manufacturer ECS House Industries, Inc. who specialises in the design and supply of Floating Brush Aerators, for the Municipal and Aquaculture industries.

The ECS House Floating Brush Aerators are ideally suited for operation in shallow lagoon applications where vertical shaft-type aerators cannot be employed. These units can operate at minimum water depth of 700mm. In addition to partially mix and/or complete-mix lagoon applications, these Floating Brush Aerators are also suitable for aeration in oxidation ditches, SBRs, equalization basins and aerobic digesters.

The mixing profile of the Floating Brush Aerator moves the wastewater in a horizontal pattern, which prevents short-circuiting from occurring in lagoon applications. The horizontal mixing circulates highly oxygenated water across the top of a lagoon, significantly reducing the BOD and creating an oxygen cap across the lagoon to reduce odours. This feature is specifically useful in lagoon applications that utilize an anaerobic sludge digestion process.

Some key features of ECS House Floating Brush Aerators include:

  • Standard Aeration Efficiency (SAE) of 1.8 kgO2/kWh

  • High mixing efficiency from 17.8 m3/min per kW

  • Use of stainless steel grease lubricated drive end and non-drive end bearings with L10 Life of >100,000 hours (compared to UHMW plastic water lubricated bearings used by some other manufacturers)

  • ECS House is the only manufacturer of this type of aerator to utilize a triple seal protection system to completely seal the gear drive enclosure. This eliminates the risk of wastewater coming into contact with the key drive components thus providing complete corrosion protection.

  • ECS House has over 11 years of experience with this drive arrangement, and leads the Floating Brush Aerator market in the USA with over 2500 units installed worldwide.

  • Very low maintenance, simple lubrication every 4 months


As standard the ECS House Floating Brush Aerators include:

  • Motor TEFC, 415V, 3-ph, 50 Hz, with IP55 protection (IP56 available as OPTION)

  • Drive end and Non-drive end shafts in 316 stainless steel

Several OPTIONS for materials of construction are available:

Floating Brush Aerator ComponentsMaterials of Construction Options
Drive end shaft / Non-drive end shaft316LSS
Foam-filled Floats / Floatation Band Attachments / Non-Drive End Bearing Cover / Motor Cover / Splash Shields (2x)304SS
Rotor and Rotor Blades / Frame / Drive Enclosure / Service Platforms (2x) / Mooring Arm assemblyMS Powder