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Floating Brush Aerators

Floating Brush Aerators are ideally suited for operation in municipal sewage treatment lagoons, especially shallow lagoon applications where vertical shaft-type aerators cannot operate.

In a lagoon Floating Brush Aerators move the wastewater horizontally and create a circular flow pattern to prevent short-circuiting, and maximising lagoon treatment capacity. The horizontal mixing circulates highly oxygenated water throughout the lagoon, creating an oxygen cap to reduce odours from anaerobic breakdown of settled sludge.

The effective mixing provided by Floating Brush Aerators is also useful to create mixed conditions to minimise algal growth, and to redistribute accumulated sludge more evenly over the entire floor/base of the lagoon, thus improving lagoon treatment capacity & performance.

Floating Brush Aerators are also suitable for aeration in oxidation ditches, Pasveer channels, SBRs, equalization basins and aerobic digesters of all sizes and configurations.

Floating Brush Aerator operating in an oxidation ditch


  • High aeration and mixing efficiency
  • Robust design for harsh operating environments
  • Ease of installation & operation
  • Low & simple maintenance

Standard Specifications

Parameter Units FBA-022 FBA-037 FBA-056 FBA-075 FBA-110 FBA-150 FBA-186 FBA-220
Aerator size kW 2.2 3.7 5.6 7.5 11 15 18.6 22
*1Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate (SOTR)  kgO2/h 4 6.7 10.1 13.5 19.8 27 33.5 39.6
*2Mixing rate m3/min 39 66 100 134 196 267 331 392
Assembled weight (approx.) kg 530 660 910 1,140 1,560 2,280 2,730 3,090
Motor operates at 90% load based on nameplate data
Stainless steel grease lubricated drive end and non-drive end bearings with minimum L10 rating of over 100,000 hours
Gear reducer with minimum 2.0 service factor
Triple-seal protection system for drive enclosure, completely sealing the drive assembly
Factory test certificate for aeration efficiency
Surface treatment for stainless steel weldments: SSPC-6 commercial shot blast passivation, acid bath pickling

*1Based on factory tested Standard Aeration Efficiency (SAE) of 1.8 kgO2/kWh. *2Based on factory tested Mixing Efficiency of 17.8 m3/min per kW


✓= Standard Supply, o = Optional Supply

Equipment FBA-022 FBA-037 FBA-056 FBA-075 FBA-110 FBA-150 FBA-186 FBA-220
Complete aerator assembly including frame, foam-filled floats, rotor with blades, splash shields (2x both sides of rotor), service platforms (2x), drive assembly comprising motor, gear reducer and coupling
Mooring arm assembly, comprising 2x 5.5m long mooring arms, 1x cross brace & 2x mooring/anchor caps and 2x mooring stakes, for lagoon mounting
Custom mooring system o o o o o o o o
*1Motor is TEFC, 415V, 3-ph, 50 Hz, class F insulation with IP55 protection & thermistors
Motor with custom IP rating o o o o o o o o
*2Rotor cover o o o o o o o o
*3Oil change kit

*1Motor suitable for DOL, VFD or soft start. *2Rotor cover eliminates spray. Splash shields are replaced by rotor cover when rotor cover is ordered. Note the rotor cover will lower the aeration efficiency by around 7.5%. *3Oil change kit required for gearbox oil changes. One (1) oil change kit is supplied with every aerator project regardless of quantity ordered.

Materials of construction

Components Materials
Group 1 Drive end shaft & non-drive end shaft 316 SS
Group 2 Foam-filled floats, floatation band attachments, non-drive end bearing cover, motor cover, splash shields (2x) and optional rotor cover  304L SS
Group 3  Rotor and rotor blades, frame, drive enclosure, service platforms (2x) and mooring arm assembly Option A TGIC Powder Coated 
Option B Hot-dipped galvanised 
Option C 304L SS 
Option D 316L SS 


  • Control Panel
  • Power cable fitted with 3-ph plug, for termination at aerator motor junction box
  • Electrical 3-ph socket with local isolator mounted on a post, located at aerator on the embankment