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Sludge Handling

Dewatering Screw Press (DSP)

MAK Water’s Dewatering Screw Press (DSP) is designed for efficient thickening and dewatering of liquid sludges that emanate from municipal wastewater treatment processes. Typical applications for wastewater treatment plants include dewatering of thickened or unthickened waste activated sludge (WAS), digested sludge from aerobic or anaerobic processes, and dissolved air flotation (DAF) sludges.


Polymer Preparation System (ASP)

MAK Water’s Polymer Preparation System (ASP) is a packaged plant used for automated batching of matured polymer solution from liquid concentrate polymer or powder polymer. The ASP is ideal for mechanical sludge dewatering applications and small to medium water and wastewater treatment processes, including clarification and thickening.


WendeWolf® Solar Sludge Drying (SSD)

MAK Water is the exclusive representative in Australia and New Zealand for the WendeWolf® Solar Sludge Drying technology which is designed and supplied by German engineering company IST-Anlagenbau GmbH.  The WendeWolf® system was developed in collaboration with the University of Munich, and IST-Anlagenbau has more than 30 years of experience in delivering this technology.


Watromat® Sludge Dryer

WATROMAT® batch sludge dryer use dried air to reduce the weight and volume of filter cake sludge. Sludge drying with WATROMAT® batch sludge dryers is ideal for filter cake sludge from small and medium plate and frame filter presses.


Watromat® Screw Press Dryer

WATROMAT® Screw press dryer are tested piped combined dewatering and drying equipment and consisting of: sludge pump, polymer dosing unit, flocculation tank, screw press, screw conveyors, belt dryer and bagging point.