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UV – Industrial

MAK Water’s UV Disinfection (UV) systems are an effective and economical means for disinfection of water. UV disinfection instantly kills bacteria, parasites and viruses by passing the water past an Ultra Violet light source, which damages the DNA of these organisms.

UV disinfection systems should be installed as close as possible to the point of end use, as the effect of a UV disinfection is only temporary – the water may become re- contaminated when stored in tanks or even in pipe work downstream of a UV disinfection system.

MAK UV systems are designed to deliver a UV dose > 40 mJ/cm2 @ 95% Ultra Violet Transmittance (UVT). The MAK UV systems are available as skid mounted units or as an addition to containerised water treatment systems.

If you have specific requirements, contact us about our custom water disinfection systems.


Flow Ratem3/hr0.5 ~ 4.53.2 ~ 8.41.8 ~ 9.02.1 ~ 13.624.0 ~ 24.06.0 ~ 66.7
Pressure Drop at Peak FlowkPa182520.717.3<15<15
Maximum Operating PressurekPa86286286286216001600
Number of Lamps-111112
Standard Chamber Material-SS304SS304SS304SS304SS304SS304
Raw Water Temperature°C15 ~ 4015 ~ 4015 ~ 4015 ~ 4015 ~ 5015 ~ 50
Ambient Design Temperature°C5 ~ 50 (-15 ~ 50 for insulated containerized system)
Power Supply-AC 240 V, 1 Phase, 50/60 Hz
Power ConsumptionW46527388220440

*Refer to UV Testing Results, based on removal of free-floating oils and grease.



✓= Standard Supply o = Optional Supply - = Not Applicable

Touchpad  Operator Control
Lamp Run Hour meter
Visual Alarm / Failure Status
UV System ON/Off Status
Volt Free Contacts for Common Alarm-
Chamber Temperature Monitoring-o
Skid Mounted with Isolation Valvesoooooo
Upgrade Chamber Material to SS316-ooooo
4-20 mA UV Intensity Output----oo
Remote On/Off Input----oo
Automatic Cleaning with Status/Alarm Output----oo
PLC Control System with HMI----oo


Disclaimer: MAK Water is continuously updating and improving its products and services, so please contact us for more detailed information or to confirm specifications. MAK Water takes no responsibility for any errors resulting from the use of information contained within this document.