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pH Adjustment Batch (PAB)


New South Wales


In late 2018 MAK Water was approached by a large family owned business in Sydney to provide a suitable solution to their increasing volumes of trade wastewater from their manufacturing process. The business was producing approximately 7-8 thousand litres a week of mildly acidic wastewater that they were paying to be disposed of by a liquid waste company as the pH was too low to be suitable for disposal into Sydney Water’s sewer system.
The volumes being removed were relatively small compared to other companies so having a system that could meet the discharge specification and be cost effective was very important.


PAB—1, 1000L Batch pH correction with metered discharge


  • Skid mounted equipment manufactured in Australia to Australian standards
  • Factory tested prior to dispatch meant minimal installation and testing on site
  • Customised small footprint to meet site size requirements

Personnel and Environment

  • Reduced operator involvement (automatic system)
  • Option to increase or decrease pH depending on requirement
  • Capable of alarm output
  • Continuous online monitoring of pH and flow

Price and support

  • Payback period in less than 12 months
  • Australian sourced materials and locally built
  • Cost effective treatment of wastewater
  • Local support for maintenance and issues


  • Locally Sourced and installed
  • Turnkey solution. Designed and built to meet site and regulatory requirements.
  • Lowest total operating cost. Minimal operator involvement and consumables.
  • Compliance. Ongoing support and maintenance for continued compliance.