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Potable Water for Bottling Facility

Ultrafiltration - Basic (UF-B)

Food and Beverage

South Island, New Zealand


A bottled water manufacturer in New Zealand needed to be sure that their artesian bore water would be delivered to their customers consistently at the right quality. The company engaged MAK Water to deliver two Ultrafiltration (UF-B) plants. The membrane filtration process acts a physical barrier to viruses and pathogens, and removes any suspended solids that may be present in the water. This process was selected over conventional sand filtration or reverse osmosis as it purified the water without altering the chemical composition and enabled the bottled water to remain a consistent quality despite some variation in the raw water supply conditions.



MAK Water delivered two fit-for-purpose UF-B packages that were easily transported via air freight, arriving at the customer’s door within 10 working days.

Ultrafiltration Basic

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Pathogen free low cost water
  • Self-cleaning backwash process
  • High performance long lasting membranes
  • Fully automated
  • Low power consumption
  • Simple plug in connections, no hard wiring
  • Quick & easy setup


  • Quick response. Standard design means a quick and efficient build time.
  • Low Risk Solution. Ultrafiltration technology is tried and tested, an industry standard and proven to remove solids.
  • Minimal Operator Requirement. 24/7 remote monitoring via Clear Access and plant automation to free up operator time and costs.