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Lagoon Master Aerator

The Lagoon Master Aerator is ideally suited to provide aeration and mixing in shallow pond/lagoon wastewater treatment systems. The Lagoon Master Aerator has two (2) independently operating regenerative blowers, each feeding air to a bubble-forming diffuser grid. The 1st blower runs continuously feeding the rear most coarse bubble diffuser grid, which creates motive action resulting in horizontal and vertical mixing. The 2nd blower supplies air to fine-bubble diffusers that increases the dissolved oxygen in the water column, and through the motive mechanism created by the coarse bubbles, also provides an oxygenated plume that brings dissolved oxygen into the sludge layer at the bottom. These processes allow for gentle sludge turnover and continual sludge digestion.



The Lagoon Master Aerator is available in 2 versions: Version 1 (V1) has the blowers mounted on top of the unit, and Version 2 (V2) has the blowers mounted on the pond/lagoon embankment. The only maintenance required on the Lagoon Master Aerator involves cleaning the stainless steel air intake filter on each blower. These filters will last for years but occasional cleaning is required.

    • Aeration & mixing with low power input
    • Destratification of water column
    • Odour elimination
    • Reducing algal growth
    • Organic breakdown of settled sludge
    • Reduces/eliminates sludge build-up
    • Easy to install
    • Simple to operate
    • Low maintenance, no moving parts
    • Low power consumption


The Reliant Lagoon Master Water-Moving and Sludge Activating Aeration System is not a standard aerator; Lagoon Master systems continuously move water along the bottom of a lagoon or pond, delivering large amounts of dissolved oxygen (DO) very efficiently, using minimal energy. Compared to standard paddlewheel, vortex, static tube, hose diffusion, spray (fountain), or aspirating aerators, Lagoon Masters” is more efficient, less costly to operate, and requires less maintenance.




Lagoon Master Model



Blower mounting location



On top of unit


Installed power




Regenerative blowers (see note 1)

Qty x kW

2x 1.5

2x 2.2

Water moving capacity


0.4 to 1.6

Dissolved Oxygen input

kg O2/h

up to 6.8


Mixing rate


up to 34,100


Minimum required water depth




Overall dimensions L x W x H


2.26 x 2.44 x 1.60

2.26 x 2.44 x 1.22

Weight (see note 2)





1. Both single phase and three phase blowers available
2. Including blowers for V1, without blowers for V2


✓= Standard Supply, o = Optional Supply, - = Not Applicable


Lagoon Master Model



Aerator frame and body in 316SS and HDPE, coarse diffuser bubble grid in 316SS and fine bubble diffuser diffuser grids in HDPE

Blowers with 316SS hose connection hardware and HDPE hoods (blowers mounted on aerator for V1 & located onshore for V2)

Air hoses EPDM, 2-inch ID, 3-ply, one per blower, standard length 15m each



Stand for onshore mounted blowers in 316SS



Struts in 316SS, standard length 6.4 m, for fixing to embankment

Cables (6 mm) and fittings in 316SS, fixed 2 x concrete blocks on the floor of the pond/lagoon,
standard length 20m


Base skids in 316SS (see note 1)


Power cable (see note 2), standard length 15m



Instrumentation & Controls V1 V2
Junction box, polycarbonate (see note 2) N/A
Control Box in 316SS o o

1. Required where the aerator is used in ponds/lagoons with a synthetic liner.
2. For V1 only, connection between Junction Box and Control Box