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Packaged Sewage Pump Station

MAK Water’s Packaged Sewage Pump Stations (PSPS) are designed to receive raw domestic strength sewage into a below ground collection tank. The raw sewage is macerated to ≤ 2mm particle size, before discharging to a wastewater treatment plant for treatment. The standard package includes a polyethylene tank with access cover and all required PVC pipework, valves and fittings, dual macerator pumps, lifting chains and guide rails, dual pump controller and float level switches.

A range of common flow rates and tank sizes are provided to suit most wastewater applications. Optional equipment upgrades are available, including tank and access cover materials and a valve chamber; if required.


Pump flow rate*1L/s1234.569
Pump discharge pressure*1mH2O1812.514.82218.820.5
Tank capacity (nominal)L1,200 / 1,800 / 2,780 / 3,150
Tank dimensions (approx.)mm1,200L: Ø1,100 x 1,665(h)
1,800L: Ø1,400 x 1,530(h)
2,780L: Ø1,400 x 2,150(h)
3,150L: Ø1,400 x 2,400(h)
Tank (and optional valve chamber) access coverClass APedestrian traffic, nominal load 330 kg
Class B*2Occasional light vehicle traffic, nominal load 2,670 kg
Class D*2Slow moving commercial vehicle traffic, nominal load 8,000 kg
Raw sewage inlet -Domestic strength
Macerated sewage outlet-≤ 2mm particle size
Ambient design temperature°Cmax. 60
Power supply -AC 415 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz
Control panel IP rating-IP56 (higher IP rating available on request)
Pump motor (each)kW1.

*1Nominal flow/pressure, refer to pump curve for duty specific sizing *2Requires concrete support slab


✓= Standard Supply o = Optional Supply

Duel macerator wastewater pumps
Discharge pipework (PVC, Class 12) with isolation and check valve for each pump
Guide rails, lifting chains, nuts and bolts in SS316 
Tank materialsPE
Custom (e.g. FRP, concrete)oooooo
Tank access coverClass A
Class Boooooo
Class Doooooo
Valve chamber With class A access coveroooooo
With class B access coveroooooo
With class D access coveroooooo

Control panel in power coated mild steel, with inner door and removable gland plate

Mains isolator and individual pump isolation
Circuit breaker protected low voltage control and input circuitry
Contactor and thermal overload protection of pumps
Electronic short and overload protection of strobe/buzzer
Visual and audible alarm, with mute/reset/test button
Keypad with indicator lights for power on, level alarm, pump run/fault
Auto/off/manual operation of pumps
Maximum run timer and auto alternation of pump duty
Volt free output (VFC) for common fault
Additional VFC output card (for high/low level & pump run signals)oooooo
Mounting post (HDG) oooooo


Level control float treeLevel switch - start
Level switch - stop
Level switch – high alarm
Level switch – low alarm