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Packaged Sewage Pump Station

MAK Water’s Packaged Sewage Pump Stations (PSPS) are designed to receive raw domestic strength sewage into a below ground collection tank. The raw sewage is macerated to ≤ 2mm particle size, before discharging to a wastewater treatment plant for treatment. The standard package includes a polyethylene tank with access cover and all required PVC pipework, valves and fittings, dual macerator pumps, lifting chains and guide rails, dual controller and float level switches.

A range of common flow rates and tank sizes are provided to suit most wastewater applications. Optional equipment upgrades are available, including tank and access cover materials and a valve chamber; if required.


Pump Flow RateL/s1234.569
Pump Discharge PressurekPa100 ~ 200100 ~ 150160 ~ 250110 ~ 27060 ~ 16050 ~ 180
Tank Size / Pit CapacityL1,200 / 2,000 / 3,000
Tank Access CoverClass APedestrian traffic, nominal load 330kg
Class BOccassional light vehicle traffic, nominal load 2670kg
Class CSlow moving commercial vehicle traffic, nominal load 5000kg
Raw Sewage Inlet-Domestic strength
Macerated Sewage Outlet-(≤ 2mm particle size)
Ambient Design Temperature°C5 ~ 45
Power Supply-AC 380~450 V, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz
Pump Motor (each)kW1.
Tank Dimensions (approx.)mm1,200L: 1200D x 1555H
2,000L: 1120D x 2400H
3,000L: 2300D x 2200H


✓= Standard Supply o = Optional Supply

Tank MaterialPolyethylene
Custom (FRP or concrete)oooooo
Access CoverClass A (standard)
Class B (1,200L only)oooooo
Class C (2,000L and 3,000L only)oooooo
PVC Pipework & Valves
Lifting Chains (stainless steel)
Dual Macerator Pumps
Dual Pump Controller (inner door, no stand)
Guide Rails (stainless steel)
Valve Chamber (2,000L
& 3,000L only)
PE, Class Aoooooo
PE, Class Coooooo


Level Control - Float Tree (high level / start / stop)