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Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

Infrastructure and Urban Development

Rockhampton, Queensland


As part of a facility upgrade, Hastings Deering required a new wash bay water recycling system at its Rockhampton facility.

The wash down water was largely contaminated with dirt and soil, but there were was also a small amount of oil and grease entrained in the wash down water that needed to be removed prior to re-use.  Bench testing demonstrated that Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) was the lowest cost solution.


MAK Water was selected to design, manufacture, install and commission a wash bay water recycling system, working in partnership with Hastings Deering and their Project Engineers.

Dissolved Air FloTation (DAF)

  • A recycling system capable of treating 10,000L per hour of wash down water
  • Hydroxide precipitation, flocculation and DAF clarification removes silt, heavy metals, seeds, weeds and pests from the water
  • Filters and disinfects the water to ensure it meets safe water and occupational health and safety requirements to reuse for vehicle and equipment wash down
  • Supply and onsite installation of interconnecting pipework and electrical
  • Fast 10-12 week delivery time
  • Onsite commissioning and training of local operators, with ongoing service and maintenance agreement


  • Lowest total operating cost. Eliminated the use of potable water for wash down and the need to discharge contaminated water to the local sewer.
  • Compliance. Compliance with planning and regulatory requirements.