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MAK Water wins the Program Innovation Award at 2014 AWA WA Water Awards

December 8th, 2014

“We are thrilled to receive this accolade, but equally excited by the project itself. This system is a World first and could revolutionise the way the industry approaches reverse osmosis/desalination projects in future.” says MAK Water CEO, Andy Byk.

On behalf of Carnegie Wave Energy Limited, MAK Water is building the first ever wave powered desalination plant in the World.

Using hydraulic power generated from the ocean, the plant produces drinking water from sea water. The environmental benefits of this project are massive as the drinking water is produced in arid coastal locations using an entirely renewable energy source – the ocean swell.

Desalination plants are more commonly powered by electricity and/or diesel generators. The MAK Water desalination plant is able to operate on either mains electricity, or wave energy, or both. When operated using wave energy, the ocean swell creates hydraulic pressure in a closed loop system resulting in zero-emission desalinated freshwater, from sustainable resources and renewable energy.

Situated on Garden island, the plant will supply drinking water to the WA water grid.

For more information on this project, please contact us.